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by Stephanie on August 16, 2016

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Web content is king.  Gone are the days where you can slap something on your website and use it to rank well in Google.  With the recent updates Google has made, bad content significantly lowers your website ranking during a search.  Keyword stuffing, or putting the keyword for your product in your post as many times as possible, is also dead.  These days, Google expects a well written page of content for every one of your webpages.

Web Copy Is Different

To make things more complected, writing web copy, at least good web copy, is different from writing copy for print.  Web content readers are looking for either information or a product or service that they need.  They are not just visiting your website on a whim.  You have less than a minute to convince these readers that you have the information, product, or service they need and that they can find it quickly on your website.  Otherwise, they will click to another website and you have lost them forever.

Make Your Content Easy to Scan

Further more, web site visitors do not so much read your web pages as they scan them.  That means you must have subheads that clearly illustrate the information contained in your web content.  If the reader likes the subheads, then they may commit to reading the whole page more carefully.

Copy Must Be Easy to Read

Your writing must be on a four to six grade level.  That means it is easy to read in a hurry and doesn’t sound full of jargon.  Even if you are writing on a very technical subject, your writing should never rise above an eighth grade level.  Get much more complicated than that, and you start losing readers because they cannot easily understand what you are saying.

Put Your Most Important Points First

When writing an essay, people are taught to tell the reader what they are going to say, say it, then tell the reader what they have said.  It doesn’t work that way on the web.  Put your most important information first, preferably where your reader will see it as soon as they go to your webpage.  This is the equivalent of being “above the fold” on a newspaper.

No Grammar or Spelling Mistakes

Make sure that your posts do not contain grammar or spelling mistakes.  Nothing turns a visitor off faster than having to wade through a sea of bad writing.  If you cannot even write English properly, why should your readers feel that the information on your website is correct?

Writing web copy that converts readers into customers is hard and often time consuming.  If it were easy, everyone would have perfect websites.  If you are like most business people, you do not have the time to sit down and write the perfect web copy.  You are busy with other tasks that must be done to grow your business.  There is a solution, however.  My name is Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D. I can write your webcopy for you.  The money you will pay for the webcopy is far less than it would cost you to sit down and write the copy yourself.  Contact me at (903) 268-9622 or at stephanie@gardencopywriter.com to discuss your copy needs.

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