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by Stephanie on December 22, 2016

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Sending a newsletter to your mailing list helps up sell your customers. A newsletter every month or every week will remind your customers of what you can provide for them.  When they are ready to buy that product or service, your name will immediately come to mind.  Most newsletters are emailed and run no more than four pages.  Two pages is a good length because it is long enough to include some interesting articles.  It is not long enough for the customer to lose interest in what you are saying.

Newsletters should be at least 80% interesting content and no more than 20% selling your product or services.  Customers should be interested in what you have to tell them and eager to open that email to find out what you will discuss that issue.  Otherwise it becomes the email equivalent of junk mail and ends up being deleted.

What kind of interesting content?

  • a calendar of things to be done in the garden at this time of year
  • new plants that have been developed for the coming year
  • the answers to common customer questions
  • a column that discusses one plant at length and how to use it in the landscape
  • any new honers that you and your business have received
  • a short article on one of your employees and what they do to make sure your customers have the best plants available for their customers.

I could go one at length but you get the idea.  Newsletters can be about anything that keeps your customer interested and informed.  You want them to think of you when they need something to use for a customer’s landscape.  The newsletter may make the difference between you getting an order for plants or that order going to that other nursery.

It is easy for a newsletter to fall through the cracks, especially when you are in your busiest season.  This is where a freelance copywriter is so useful.  In a meeting once a quarter, you and your copywriter can develop an editorial calendar that lists the topics to be covered for that quarter.  Once the editorial calendar is set up, the copywriter takes over and puts together each newsletter with the right topics for that time of year.  At the bottom of the newsletter, you can have text insert ads for your current specials.  Two or three of these per newsletter helps your sales but doesn’t negatively effect the customer’s interest in your newsletter.  When the copywriter has your newsletter ready, you can check it over, approve it, and then send it to all your customers.

I offer a variety of options on newsletters, from setting them up in the mailing server you use to writing them as well as writing the insert ads for the newsletter that issue.  If you are interested in working with me, please email me at or call me at (903) 268-9622 (central time).  There is no charge for the initial conversation on what you need and how I can provide it.







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