Conducting A Site Audit To Optimize Your Webpages

by Stephanie on August 4, 2016

Most people know what an audit is.  In fact, most people dread audits — they think of the IRS, or the audits they have to do at work.  However, there is a kind of audit that should bring a smile to your face.  This is a site audit.  Site audits do just what you  would think they do:  they check your website and make sure that everything is working.  Further, they make sure everything is working together and find any missing pieces that you can plug in there to make the website do a better job.

Site audits improve your site’s search-engine rankings, traffic, leads and sales.  How could you say no to something that promises to find any problems in your site and brings them to the light of day so you can fix them?  This review  will look at your home page and at least two levels of your other pages.  This will give you an idea of the things that are working well on your website and the things that are not working so well.  This means a page by page review and report with detailed suggestions on what needs to be done to strengthen your website.

What we review:

  • We review your website using a 35 item checklist that focuses on usability from a client’s point of view.  Is the message on each page customer focused?
  • Is it competitive? Does it use the best keywords and sales copy to differentiate you from your competition?
  • Is the website clear?  It does no good to write content your target audience cannot understand.
  • Is the website optimized to guide visitors into your sales funnel?  Site traffic is irrelevant if it doesn’t result in clicks and ultimately the site visitor becoming a customer.
  • Are the webpages consistent in their message throughout the web site?  If they are not, you will confuse your site visitors and again, lose out on guiding them toward becoming a customer.

Your results

You will receive a detailed report covering your strengths and your opportunities for improvement.  This report will include screen shots of showing your pages, your current Google rank, and where you rank in search engines versus how your competition ranks.  Finally, your will receive a comprehensive report that will suggest ways to fix your problems and avoid them in the future.

Site audits can save you a lot of money by tightening up your site, adding what is required for your prospects to become customers, and removing any obstacles that send them packing before they ask you for help.  You can them implement the suggestions from the site audit one at a time or all at once.  I can help you do that.  As a copy writer, I can help you put the recommendations given in the site audit into practice.  To start your site audit, simply call me at (903) 268-9622 or email me at  I look forward to working with you.

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