Grow Your Garden Business For Less

Do you have a master gardener writing your copy?

You could be missing out on three big benefits if you aren’t working with someone who is a trained copywriter and a knowledgeable gardener.

Copywriters who are not gardeners have a big learning curve when it comes to learning your business and its unique needs.   You spend a lot of money working with copywriters who just never really get it.  This costs you customers, customers who never come back.  Choosing a copywriter who is already a gardener can benefit your business in three important ways.

First, a master gardener copywriter already knows about gardening. They do not have to spend hours, and your money, researching the subject to get up to speed. They know, on a gut level, things about your product that no amount of research can ever teach a non-gardener.

Second, a master gardener copywriter saves you time. You will not have to spend as long explaining the benefits of your particular product, who the customers are, and what the benefits of the product are. Master gardeners already understand such things because they use gardening products themselves.

Third, master gardeners know your customers because they are your customers. Master gardeners spend a great deal of money on gardening tools and other products every year. They already know what will attract a customer to your product because they know what attracts themselves to it.

Give yourself a competitive edge and hire a master gardener to write copy for you. Where do you find such a copywriter?

I am Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D., a master gardener since 2001 with years of experience helping others with gardening. I also have training in writing almost any copy you can possibly need to grow your business. You name it, I can write it, all with an insider’s knowledge of gardening and the gardeners who will come to love your products.

Think of the time and money you can save with a copywriter who already knows all about you, your products, your market, and your industry.  No wasted time or money teaching someone what gardening terms mean or how gardeners think. What a leg up for your business!

“I’ve worked with Stephanie on a monthly basis for over two years. She is a premier gardening expert and a great writer as well. I highly recommend her services.”
Michael Cohen, WM Media Corp

I am no ordinary master gardener, either.  I have been answering consumer questions about gardening since 2001 and was named Master Gardener of the Year for my county for 2014. I have been the President of my Master Gardener Association twice, as well.

My copywriting skills have come from training at American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), the premier trainer of copywriters in the United States. I have taken training in direct marketing, web marketing, and business to business marketing. Whatever copy you need, I can write it.

“Stephanie is a freelance writer that I’ve recommended to others because her writing is excellent and has even been featured in a well-known national magazine. Her writing skills are backed by a sharp mind and devotion to her craft. On top of all that, she’s just a great person that is easy to work with.”
Donna Fontenot, Inbound Marketing Strategist, SEO

Not only that, I have a Ph.D. in psychology and have worked doing consumer satisfaction studies. A gardener who understands the psychology of consumer buying behavior. Your business has hit the copywriter jackpot!

“I had her hired in the past to completely take over management and content creation for a millwork company that needed someone to write quality, ACCURATE content…. Anyone considering Stephanie for any project can look forward to excellent quality, dependable work – and she even communicates well so you’ll know how your project is progressing.”
Gail Gardner,

“We hired Stephanie to rework our website design in spring/summer of 2014 with these goals in mind.
Stephanie was FANTASTIC to work with…. Her pricing was more than fair, her design ideas wonderful and her editing/language skills really made the site beautiful!”

Pam Lovelace – Owner
KnP Construction & Remodeling LLC

Do your business a favor and hire me to write your garden copy.

Check out my services page to see what I offer. Check out my testimonials page for information on what I am like to work with. My page on how I write will show you my process and what I need from you to get started. Read my FAQ to answer any other questions you have. View my portfolio to see my garden writing.  Find out more about me. When you are ready for a copywriter, contact me.