Web Ads Bring People To Your Landing Page

by Stephanie on January 22, 2018

There are four types of ads that bring people to your landing page.  These are:  Revenue boosting ad inserts, Pay-per-click ads, (often referred to as PPC ads), Banner ads, and Facebook ads. The most common ads are the revenue boosting ad inserts.  These ads are typically used in newsletters to leads or customers.  They can be at the top, middle, and bottom of the newsletter.  Ads at the bottom get more clicks and more leads doing the call to action. This is usually an attempt to up-sell the lead or get them to buy a similar product to what they have already consumed.

Next is the pay-per-click ad.  This ad is generally less expensive than other ads to recruit leads.  Generally, the lead is offered something such as a white paper or other written product when they click on the ad.  PPC ads appear to more people and generally have a better ROI than other types of ads on the web.  These ads are the ones you see at the top of any search you run on Google.  The top three ads get 46% of clicks.  It is important that these ads have your keywords in them so they come up when someone searches for a similar product in Google.

Banner ads appear on a website and take leads to a specific part of that website or other websites, usually a landing page.  Again, these ads often offer a white paper or other product if the lead clicks on the banner.  If the ad takes the lead away from the current website, the website is paid to host those ads.  Almost 17.8 billion dollars are spent annually on banner ads.  These ads can be static or animated.  These ads are usually a mix of text and visual elements.

Facebook ads are a little more difficult because Facebook regularly changes the rules.  However, a good ad can really draw leads. The daily number of active users is estimated at 1.23 billion people globally. Ninety-five percent of social media managers say Facebook ads are the most effective social media ads.  Facebook ads are inexpensive and have a the highest ROI of any of the ads.   The ad consists of text and an image.  They can be in the feed or on the right hand side of the page.

Ads are important to gather leads and to turn leads into customers.  Each type of ad does this.  However, each type of ad draws a different crowd.  It is important to tailor your advertising to reach the right audience for the product you sell.  I can help you do this.  I write all four types of ads.  Contact me at 9032689622 (Central time) and we can discuss what ads are best for you.

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