Here are the services I routinely offer to my clients:

Site Audit

A Site Audit reviews your website’s content and functions, and provides strategic recommendations to help it perform better for you.

Key Message Copy Platform

A Key Message Copy Platform is a comprehensive document that contains all the relevant marketing messages and statements about a product or service.  Its purpose is to serve as the “master messaging document” for that product or service.  Once completed, it becomes the springboard from which you can write all the collateral marketing pieces connected to that product or service.  I can provide this for you.

Web Content

Web content is important for your website.  Not everyone can write for the web.  It requires knowledge of  how websites are built, how they get found, how to help search engines find them, and of the website navigation.  I can do this for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Writing copy that is optimized for search engines means being able to conduct key word research, realize which key words you are likely to rank for, writing natural sounding copy that integrates those key words, and tracking the results.  I can do this for you.

Landing Pages

Your landing page is your money maker.  If it isn’t converting the way you want, I can improve the conversion rate by rewriting it.

PPC  campaigns

PPC campaigns are important to send traffic to your landing page.  It doesn’t matter how great your landing page is if no one can find it.  I can help you set up and run a PPC campaign.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is becoming more and more important as a way to interact with customers.  Of course, it does not matter if the customer reaches out and you are not there.  I can set up and run day to day social media needs or a social media campaign for a specific product or service.


Blogs are great for driving traffic to your website, keeping your website high in the search rankings, and keeping visitors on your site longer.  I write interesting blog posts that are optimized for search engines and readability by your customers.


Articles are generally 1,000 to 1,500 words.  They are more in depth than blog posts and usually contain interviews with recognized authorities in your field.  These articles are printed in trade magazines or submitted to appear on blogs written by influencers in your field.

Emails and Autoreponders

Emails and autoresponders need to be written a certain way to get opened, read, and have your clients click through.  I can write both emails and autoresponders that convert.


I also write e-newsletters to keep your clients updated about your latest news, give them interesting articles to read, and keep your name in front of them so that when they need your services, they will contact you, not your competitor.

White papers and Case studies

Do you need a white paper or case study to illustrate what you offer to your clients?  I can write those for you, too.

Other Services

Need something else? Ask me, I can probably write it for you.

Hire me to write all your copywriting needs.