Getting to Know Stephanie Suesan Smith, Ph.D.

“Can I help, please, Daddy,” the eight year old Stephanie begged.

“Yes, you can help me plant my onions.” said her father.  They both went out to the garden plot that had been prepared to start planting for the spring.  The father showed Stephanie how to properly plant onions.  Her “help” slowed him down considerably, but eventually they were all planted.   However, the onions were not the only things to grow from this experience.

Stephanie started vegetable gardening from then on.  In 2001, she became a Master Gardener.  In 2014, she was named the best master gardener in the county.  Because she is a master gardener, she understands the work that goes into growing things.  She has the knowledge of gardening to help businesses in the garden industry write effective copy to sell their products.

“Mom, Mom, look,” the excited author exclaimed.  “Dog Fancy bought my article on treating bites and stings in dogs.  This is the issue it appears in.  Isn’t that cool?”

“Yes, dear, now you are officially an author.  Congratulations.” said the Mom.

That article was the first printed article Stephanie had done, but she had written many other things as well.  She wrote reports and articles while in graduate school and learned how to write effectively then.  Her dissertation was another big writing project.  After graduating from college with her Ph.D. she continued to write nonfiction that was published in a variety of places.

After becoming a master gardener, Stephanie began to specialize in writing about gardening topics. In 2010, Stephanie started writing for the web when she established a blog on how to grow vegetables.  Writing regularly for the blog improved her writing and taught her how to write tightly because people would not read long blog posts on vegetables.  That blog also taught her how to write to please her audience as well as the search engines.

Stephanie currently works as a freelance copywriter, specializing in both the B2B and B2C garden industries.

Stephanie’s Grandmother had such a green thumb that she could place a stick in the ground and it would grow.  Stephanie inherited some of that ability, but can’t quite make sticks grow.

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