Using Articles To Establish Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

by Stephanie on July 30, 2016

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Articles are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.  They are generally 1,000 to 1,500 words.  Articles quote recognized authorities in the field to show that what you write is correct.  Sources for these experts are generally scientific articles or interviews with experts in your field.

How to get published

There are two ways you can get your article published:  in trade magazines or as a guest post on someone else’s website.

Guest Posts

While Google Panda made guest posts carry a lot less weight than they used to, they are still valuable.  Generally, influential blogs in your subject will have directions for submitting an article on their website.  It is important to follow these instructions exactly to have a chance at being published on their site.  Some blogs pay, but many do not.  However, almost all of them give you a byline with your website mentioned.  This provides a link back to your site.  If your article interests someone, they can follow the link back to your website.  You are usually expected to interact with anyone who leaves a comment on your guest post by replying to them.  Choose the places you guest post well so that the link you receive from the website tells Google your website is an authority.  The more highly ranked the blog that your article is posted on, the more valuable the link.

Trade Magazines

There are trade magazines for almost any profession.  They need articles to fill up their pages.  While they usually rely on a combination of staff writers and freelance writers to fill those pages, they may publish your article if it is good enough.   Again, it is important to follow the directions for submissions to the letter.  If you do not, they will probably reject your article.  Articles in trade magazines can be included as samples when you are attempting to get future assignments.  They also put your name out there in front of your peers.

While articles take more time to write than blog posts, they are valued more highly.  They increase your name recognition in your field.  They also establish you as an authority on that topic.

Not everyone has time to write articles.  As a copywriter, I ghost write excellent articles on almost any topic.  If you need an article written, contact me at (903) 268-9622 (central time zone) or email me at stephanie@gardencopywriter.  I will be happy to discuss your article needs and there is no fee for the first consultation.

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